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More than just a muesli.

Alister Buchanan, Managing Director

Alister Buchanan, Managing Director

In 2008 Cecile, with the help of her son Angus, began designing premium muesli in her home kitchen, as a way of feeding her family a healthier breakfast. Using only the best, local ingredients, and giving muesli away to family and friends, it quickly became clear that Cec’s muesli was too good not to share with the world. So, in 2010 Cecile’s Muesli was born. 

Cecile’s isn’t made in Cec’s kitchen anymore, but with her step-son Alister now running the show, at our heart we are still a New Zealand owned family business. Not to mention, that all our muesli is still made by us, by hand, in sunny Hawkes Bay. 

Just like Cec, Alister knows first hand that to produce a quality product, you have to use quality ingredients. So, where possible, we source as many of our ingredients from New Zealand, and Kiwi owned businesses as we can, because it tastes better that way. 

Packed full of goodness and taste, eat Cecile’s as a way to start the day, a snack between meals or trail mix for tramping - the possibilities are endless! Cecile’s is more than a muesli; it’s a taste of New Zealand. 



We’re always looking for ways to support other Kiwi businesses, which is why we source as many as products as we can from right here in New Zealand.

It’s important to us to know where our food comes from, whilst ensuring we deliver the highest quality produce to your bowl - something Cec began when she first started making muesli. Have a read below to learn more about some of our favourites.


Hawkes Bay honey so local Alister has Kiwi Bees hives on his property! We think their focus on sustainable bee keeping to improve local eco systems is pretty awesome. Try their honey in our Seeds & Nuts muesli. Sourced in Hawkes Bay, made in Hawkes Bay.


The name says it all. We use Nelson based Little Beauties’ dried golden kiwifruit in our Boys & Gold muesli. What started with dried feijoas for friends and families is now a well established family run business with a delightfully more-ish range of dried fruits.


Recently featured on Country Calendar, Uncle Joe’s (in Blenheim) produces all things nuts and seeds. Their grape seed flour in our Goji & Grape muesli is the star of the show, adding to that distinctive fruity flavour.


All the way from the Waimea Plains in Nelson, Tasman Bay Berries produce the boysenberries that go in our Boys & Gold muesli. As well as offering a huge range of products, visitors to Tasman Bay Berries can still pick their own produce!


An integral part of Cec’s original Fruit & Nuts muesli. Harraways steps up to the mark here; owned and operated from its original site down in Dunedin, they have processed New Zealand oats since 1867. A true Kiwi institution!


We reckon Wairarapa based Hinakura Honey is the bees knees! Hinakura Honey is in six out of our seven mueslis. A collective of family beekeepers keep this honey tasting sweet - straight from the source to your breakfast bowl.


For more information about why honey is one of our most important ingredients, head over to our honey page.



We love to support inspiring Kiwis, and we do just that by sponsoring some of New Zealand’s finest sportsmen and women. 

Get to know our brand ambassadors below.





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Cecile’s Muesli, 116 Stoneycroft Street, Camberley, Hastings, New Zealand, 4120