More than just a muesli.

Alister Buchanan, Managing Director

Alister Buchanan, Managing Director

In 2008 Cecile, with the help of her son Angus, began designing premium muesli in her home kitchen, as a way of feeding her family a healthier breakfast. Using only the best, local ingredients, and giving muesli away to family and friends, it quickly became clear that Cec’s muesli was too good not to share with the world. So, in 2010 Cecile’s Muesli was born. 

Cecile’s isn’t made in Cec’s kitchen anymore, but with her step-son Alister now running the show, at our heart we are still a New Zealand owned family business. Not to mention, that all our muesli is still made by us, by hand, in sunny Hawkes Bay. 

Just like Cec, Alister knows first hand that to produce a quality product, you have to use quality ingredients. So, where possible, we source as many of our ingredients from New Zealand, and Kiwi owned businesses as we can, because it tastes better that way. 

Packed full of goodness and taste, eat Cecile’s as a way to start the day, a snack between meals or trail mix for tramping - the possibilities are endless! Cecile’s is more than a muesli; it’s a taste of New Zealand.