Our mueslis are available in supermarkets all over New Zealand. But if you can’t find the one you’re looking for, you can always order through our online shop for muesli delivered straight to your door. Just click the link to have a browse.

Fruit & Nut.png

Fruit & Nuts

The Original

Our longest selling muesli, still made to Cec’s mother’s recipe. With fine oats from Southland and juicy cranberries and currants, this is one of our most nutrient rich mueslis. Don’t be fooled by its humble appearance, this is one you won’t forget in a hurry.

Contains gluten and sesame

Seeds & Nuts.png

Seeds & Nuts

Nutty Goodness

Our best selling muesli is simple and honest. Full of crunch and baked with a handful of quinoa and local Hawkes Bay honey, it’s a great starter to kick off an exploration of our full range.

Gluten free, contains sesame

Goji & Grape .png

Goji & Grape

Superfood Sensation

Our newest creation, Goji & Grape, packs a punch. A blend of dried goji berries (the world’s most complete superfood), Marlborough’s finest grape seed flour, a dash of freeze dried grapes, all mixed with seeds, nuts and Hawkes Bay honey, this muesli is topped off with a scoop of passionfruit powder to make Goji & Grape a tastebud sensation.

Gluten free

Boys & Gold.png

Boys & Gold

Kiwiana Cravings

This is what we mean when we say that Cecile’s is a taste of New Zealand. With freeze dried boysenberries and dried golden kiwifruit courtesy of Little Beauties (in Nelson), Boys & Gold is a quintessentially New Zealand combination. Add in some seeds, nuts and pure maple syrup, and we think we’re on to a winning taste.

Gluten free

Almonds & Brazil Nuts.png

Almond & Brazil Nuts

Chunky and Funky

Is there anything more satisfying than the clunk of a chunky muesli? This one’s got plenty of weight behind it, featuring whole brazil nuts and almonds, coated in our favourite Hawkes Bay honey and mixed with seeds and quinoa.

Gluten free, contains sesame

Cranberries & Currents.png

Cranberries & Currants

Juicy Delight

Succulent cranberries and currants cut through the crunch of seeds, making this our juiciest muesli yet. Topped off with a dash of flax seed fibre, Cranberries & Currants ranks high on our list of feel good flavours.

Gluten free, contains sesame

Banana & Hazelnuts.png

Banana & Hazelnuts

Banana Bonanza

Whole hazelnuts and slices of dried banana mixed with vanilla and coconut make our tropical mix a delightfully summery snack - morning, evening…or midnight.

Gluten free, contains sesame



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